March 18th


17:00 Listening Room On both days the bar room will act as a listening room before live shows, where commissioned pieces will be presented. Anna Friz (CAN), Shawn Pinchbeck (CAN), Erkki Luuk, Roomet Jakapi, LokaalRaadio programme. Exact programme on location!

18:00 Nebojša Milikic - Live netcast from Belgrad, Serbia, where Nebošja Milikic gives an overview of his artistic activities and focuses on “A Dead Seriousness”, a political piece dealing with less speakable conflicts in society.

20:00 Felix Kubin - “Paralektronoia”. It is a lecture-performance based on his 2004 Westdeutscher Rundfunk radio play of the same name, where he explores the relationship between electricity and paranormal phenomena, including famous sound pioneers like Alvin Lucier, Raymond Scott and Joe Meek.

ca 01:00 Lokaalraadio DJ sett. An Arrogant DJ set, where DJs slice the songs with ramblings and skip tracks at random. May be dancable!


19:00 LokaalRaadio LIVE! Besides being a radio LokaalRaadio is also a sound performance group, performing live radio shows. Hello Upan joins LokaalRaadio on stage.

22:00 Sarah Washington & Knut Aufermann Radio Rucus - Live netcast to London’s art radio Resonance104,4FM.

00:00 Paul Devens LIVE! Recognisable concrete sounds from field recordings and abstract synthesized sounds are subjected to the partly improvised composition. The tool for this process is a computer with custom build modular software, tactile (midi-) controllers and sometimes synthesizers, make-shift components and circuit bent instruments.

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